lauantai 20. kesäkuuta 2015

From Ireland with love

Because this "diary" is connected to my school years from 1958 - 1962, I´ll try to make this in English. Not perfect, but understandable. I hope.

It all began years ago. An old classmate, living in Youghal, Ireland, found me at Facebook. She had kept contact with some other classmates. We started to find out more of us. We noticed that maybe we ought to have a meeting in 2012, when 50 years will be passed after some of us left the school in 1962.

So we did. In summer 2012 we met at Hyvinkää, Finland, our school town. And still my home town. One of our classmates invited us at his home. 
I had had no contact at all with these persons for 50 years!  It was so exciting and such fun. So, we had an other meeting one year after. Then one of us said that next time we´d have to meet in Ireland. 

We took it as a joke. This summer the joke became true. Our classmate, living in Youghal,  promised to show us around. She even gave rooms to sleep for some of us.

So again, it was so exciting. Travelling together for a week, 9 persons, hardly knowing each other. Packed into two cars. How would it work?

  It did. We had an unforgettable week. Every one of us left a part of our hearts in Ireland. And after having days together we got great (old) new friends. Planning the next trip together. 

If you are interested in Southern Ireland, I collected pictures from our journey. 
This was my first visit to Ireland.

9.6. 2015 Youghal, co. Cork , wandering aroud

Youghal was one of the most significant maritime centres of medieval Ireland. Our hostess has been living in Youghal for 19 years.

Clock Gate, clik, if you want to read more

Painters here and there, they love brightly colored houses.

The Collegiate Church of Saint Mary, Youghal, can claim to be the oldest church in Ireland with continuous worship since the 13th century.

Cute. Tiny pads beautifylly embroided with petit points.

A wiev over Youghal from the old city wall. 

So many shades of green.

Beautiful morning in Youghal. Fishers going out to the sea.

10.6.2015  Cliff Walk, Ardmore - Siúlóid na hAille, Aird Mhór

The cliff walk at Ardmore has an amazingly diverse range of flora and is also a birdwatchers paradise.  St. Declan’s well and Church. Saint Declan founded a seminary in Ardmore circa 416.  The coastguard station 1867 – taken over and burnt down by republicans on independence. The spectacular wreck of the crane ship ‘ Samson’. (Borrowed the text from site behind the link over) 

The plowing was just done, when we got closer. Watching the man at work I hoped that the brakes of is tractor were in good order.

Stripes on the stone are writings.

Goats Island, a lovely "secret" beach at the end of a very narrow road. Located roughly 5km west of Ardmore in County Waterford. Large caves made by sea.

On the road to Goats Island. An abandoned castle, just for horses and birds to enjoy.

Lovely evening in Marine Bar, Dungarvan with live music by Caroline King and Christy O´Neill, members in this Black Water Band. Specially arranged for us by our hostess.

11.6.2015 whole day trip by car in West Cork

Gougane Barra, St Finbarr, natural park forest, Glengariff, Castletownberehaven, Allihies, Eyries, Ring of Beara, Kenmare, County Kerry. All this in thirteen hours. 

Gougane Barra

Remains of St Finbarr's monastery from the 6th century

People believe to get wealth by stuffing coins into the trees

Glengarriff. In this house is a beautiful shop selling traditional knitwear, tweed hats etc. I bought one of Hanna´s hats.

 Kenmare, County Kerry with my new hat. After two hour´s drive I realized that my jacket is still in restaurant Bella Vita. 

P.S. Two weeks after my return my Ireland-loving jacket came home. Bella Vita , thank you for sending it.


Former copper mine in Allihies. Places you never search without somebody who knows. Our hostess is a marvelous guide.  

Ring of Beara. Breathtaking views and narrow 
winding roads all the way.

Eyries, a village with the most colourful houses

12.6.2015 Visiting several villages near Youghal. East Cork, Ladysbridge, Garryvoe, Shanagarry

The only day of our week oriented a bit for shopping. I was bad at it. Only photo shots. 

Stephen Pearce pottery 

Shanagarry Design Centre, Kilkenny

This was my favorite, The Ballymaloe Shop

13.6. Cork

A short round at English market and then to enjoy a marvelous Riveradance show

14.6. A rest day

While others still visited some mountains and castles, I had one more walk around Youghal with a friend and had the opportunity hoover at the house. A tiny "thank you" to our lovely hostess. (If she had known my plan she would not have allowed me to do it. Hah.)

Last but not least. Every morning a long breakfast at the house. In the evenings lots of talking with a glass of wine. All in the cosy kitchen of our hostess. 

Some homecoming gifts

Thank you Raili for the fine summary you wrote to us. A great help for writing this diary.